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Diamonds have always been the most valuable of all the dissimilar forms of stone. The reason behind this is the fact they exist in very minute amounts in the whole wide world and also a great amount of asset is necessary for their removal and refinement. Due to their beauty and the luxury they come to depict, diamonds are certainly the most desired form of Jewelry among all women. Diamonds are indeed one of the most powerful symbols which are used as an appearance style, luxury, wealth, and prestige. Most of the diamonds are so rare that they are specific for certain locations which further makes very expensive to buy. Below is the list of the top 10 most expensive diamonds in the world.

1. Kohinoor Diamond

Price: un-estimated

This diamond has been also called the mountain of light in the Persian language due to the intensities of light it comes to reflect. This diamond is no doubt the most expensive and most famed diamond in the whole world. It features nearly 105 carats and has a weight of more than 21 grams of pure materials. There is a saying that the person who will own this diamond would come to own the whole world. It is yet another diamond which was discovered in India, which indeed signifies the significance of the Indian land in terms of gold, minerals and diamonds. It can be said that the British had attacked India in order to get their hands on the rich minerals and resources including this diamond which is now owned by members of the royal family.

2. The Sancy Diamond

Price: Un-estimated

This diamond is more like a pear shaped and yellowish piece of wonder. It features more than 55 carats and has an overall weight of 11 grams. It was exposed more than 600 years back in India and has been believed to be invaluable since then. There is no person who can truly put forward the price of this piece of diamond. This diamond has also undergone a number of overhaul and engineering processes to give it a perfect shape and design.

3. The Cullinan Diamond

Price: $ 400 Millions

This diamond is yet another expensive diamond which was discovered in South Africa. It features more than 3106 carats and has a weight of about 621 grams which indeed signifies the high cost of this diamond. After the discovery, this diamond was cut and broken down into 9 smaller pieces which were named as Cullinan I, II and III respectively. All these small diamonds are being displayed at various locations in South Africa and other world locations.

4. The Hope Diamond

Price: $ 350 Millions

The diamond features nearly 45.5 carats of pure materials and has a weight of about 9.1 grams. The entire diamond is encapsulate in the best form of metal and is currently at the display at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in the American city, Washington. This diamond is regarded as the largest blue diamond there is in the entire world. It also has a number of technical skin due to which it creates a positive impact on the human eye. It is also said that this diamond has always been very unlucky for the owners. The reason behind the naming of this diamond is uncertain as there are a number of explanations that are present.

5. De Beers Centenary Diamond

Price: $ 100 Millions

This diamond features nearly 273 carats and has a weight of about 54 grams which makes it as one of the most expensive and rare diamonds to be found anywhere in the world. In terms of the discovery from the premier mines, this diamond is the third largest. It was first displayed in the year 1991 and since then has been inspired by women and jewelers all across the globe. It is also considered to be the most colorless and flawless diamond in the whole wide world. This characteristic helps this diamond in absorbing great amounts of light from the surroundings.

6. The Steinmetz Pink Diamond

Price: $ 25 Millions

The pink color and the refractive designs of this diamond indeed make it as one of the most expensive and desired diamonds in the whole world. The diamond features more than 59 carats and has a weight of about 11.9 grams of pure resources which are not to be found anywhere else. This diamond is regarded as one of the largest diamond in the whole world in terms of its pinkish colors and stylized looks. The structure of this wonder is indeed flawless and unexampled. South Africa is the country from where it was discovered.

7. Wittlesbach Diamond

Price: $23.4 Million

This diamond is yet another wonderful and stylish stone which features more than 35 carats and has a weight of about 7 grams. The diameter of this diamond was found to be more than 24 mm thus giving it a more designed and crafted look. All these features come to speak clearly about the high price of this rare diamond. This diamond has been owned by a number of people, but presently Laurence Graff is the owner is the owner of this mysterious looking diamond.

8. The Heart of Eternity Diamond

Price: $ 16 Million

This diamond is heart shaped and with a very stylish and well-engineered bluish design. It features more than 27 carats and has a weight of about 5.5 grams. The place where this diamond was found is the Premier Diamond Mine located in the regions of South Africa. The diamond has undergone a number of technical crafting methods and processes which has now transformed this diamond into its best ever form. The price of this diamond indeed elucidates this fact as it costs more than half a million per carat.

9. The Moussaieff Red Diamond

Price: $ 7 Millions

This reddish diamond was discovered in the early 90’s by a farmer from a nearby river. The features of this diamond are all 13.9 carat and its weight is about 2.78 grams. Later on the diamond was purchased by the Goldberg Diamond Corp who had modified its name to Red Shield. The present owners of this diamond are the Moussaieff Company who had added more weight to the diamond thus making it even more expensive than ever. A number of exhibition have also display this diamond many a times.

10. The Allnatt Diamond

Price: $ 3 Millions

At number 10 we have a special kind of diamond that has been purified after undergoing special techniques and procedures. It is more like a cushion cut design diamond with a very vivid and stylish yellowish color thus adding more to the attractiveness of this diamond. The size of the diamond is nearly 101.29 carat and the weight is about 20.258 grams. The naming of the diamond indeed signifies the name of the person who first exposed it. The place where he had found the diamond is uncertain, but many believe that he had found it in the De Beers Diamond Mine. It was resold at the staggering price of $ 3 million in Geneva.

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