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We thought these were important since you just never know what you might be in the frame of mind for the next time you find yourself looking for a great, or at least attractive, way to relax and revitalize. This list is not for the squeamish, since some of these are downright scary.

1. Urine Therapy

Urine Therapy

If you thought you have heard everything, hold onto your seat, because this next one is a real doozy. Now while most of us try and get rid of our urine as quickly as possible, there are those who are using urine for some much different uses. There are some people, as strange as it may seem, that love the restorative properties of urine. Proponents of this odd therapy proclaim that urine, when applied topically, can help clear up skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and even acne. If you are interested in this “treatment”, if you can call it that, try collecting your urine first thing in the morning, as that is when it has the most powerful properties.

2. Bird Droppings Facial

Bird Droppings Facial1

Bird-dropping-facial Bird poop really does have some amazing uses. Apparently nightingale droppings have been used in Japan with geishas who once wore heavy white makeup that contained some pretty toxic ingredients. To counteract the skin damage from the makeup, the geishas would apply a facemask that contained you guessed it bird poop. It in fact has some pretty powerful enzymes that help break down dead skin cells. They contain something called guanine, which is supposed to give the skin a wonderful warm glow. No worries though; the poop is sanitized with an ultraviolet light first. We’re not sure if that is enough to convince us to try it, but you may have a different opinion.

3. Bull Semen Hair Treatment

Bull Semen Hair Treatment

Bull semen hair treatment. It may sound a bit strange but people actually put this stuff on their hair to make it soft and shiny. A Santa Monica, California salon that specializes in all-natural hair masks offers the bull semen hair treatment to its clients. No worries though; this semen actually comes from real bulls, not men, thank goodness. But why would anyone do this? Apparently it is supposed to strengthen the hair shaft promoting hair growth. This kind of action is for those daring souls willing to try anything. We will take their word for it.

4. Placenta Facial

Placenta Facial

This practice seems to have originated in Singapore, with a company that makes a facial treatment made from an actual human placenta. Hard telling where they might get something like this, but then again, maybe we don’t want to know. The placenta-based crops include things like soap, tonic and even a facial mask. The product claims to help rouse the brain and clear the skin. This spa treatment is pretty far out there but if you really feel like you want to give it a try it, there is a skin center in Beverly Hills that offers placenta-based treatments with supplies obtained from a Russian maternity ward.

5. Fish Nibble Pedicure

Fish Nibble Pedicure

You may have seen this on a reality show recently, but the truth is this is a real spa treatment. Turkish salons first utilized tiny carp fish to nibble away dead skin. Otherwise known as doctor fish, the practice has become much more prevalent in recent years. Most people actually find this treatment very soothing, although it may initially feel a bit like tickling. If you can get beyond the creepiness factor, and you are looking for something weird and different and don’t mind tiny little fish nibbling away at your dead skin, then this just may be the perfect treatment for you. Because the tiny little creatures have no teeth, they are really just nibbling and sucking away dead skin.

6. Thai Face Slapping

Thai Face Slapping

Thai Face Slapping is a real treatment offered by a Bangkok masseuse in her San Francisco massage parlor, so it’s not just what women there do to frat boy tourists who get a tad too close. The treatment consists of pinching and manipulating the skin and flippantly slapping the skin, which is thought to restore a more youthful appearance. Thai Face Slapping is supposed to smooth wrinkle and shrink the pores as well. The price for this treatment is $350 for a mere 15 minutes. If you are into pain and humiliation, this might be a great treatment for you.

7. Leech Suck Therapy

Leech Suck Therapy

Leeches are known for their usage as blood sucking little parasites. There are actually over 600 species of leeches, but only 15 of them are used medicinally. Thanks to actress Demi Moore, leeches have taken on a whole new appeal. Demi admitted that she has used leech suck therapy as an alternative beauty treatment, and she swears by it. Leech suck therapy can be used to help detoxify the body. Ancient Egyptians once considered leeches a cure-all, and they are also from time to time used in reconstructive surgery to help reattach body parts. It seems that the leeches crawl on you before biting you and, as they work their magic, they swell up, their little bodies filling with blood. You may want to save up your money if you want treatment though, because New York City’s range Center for Health and Healing offers the treatment for $600 a pop.

8. Snail Slime Moisturizer

Snail Slime Moisturizer

The grossest things are some of the best things for you, as is the case with the snail slime moisturizer. We’re sure you have seen the slimy trail that your local snail leaves, but believe it or not this distasteful secretion can be used to help moisturize the body. Local Chilean snail farmers noticed that cuts healed faster and their hands were much softer after the farmers immersed themselves in snail goo day after day. Fortunately, you don’t have to get down on your hands and knees to cultivate snail slime, because the Elicina snail slime moisturizer sells for a mere $28.99 per tiny jar. improved snail goo is a renewable natural resource because no snails are harmed during the cultivation process. Sounds like the perfect product.

9. Beer Soaking Massage

Beer Soaking Massage

The Czech Beer Bath is an interesting spin on the milk bath, which Cleopatra made so popular; though, if milk is a bit too tame for you, then perhaps a Beer Bath is more your style. The Czech Republic’s Chodovar family brewery offers a therapeutic beer bath where one soaks in a individual vat of beer! Since 2006, the brewery has been offering a 20-minute soak in a specially brewed bathing beer that is designed to stimulate the skin and internal organs. While you are soaking, you can also enjoy a complementary mug of the brewery’s rock lager. The minerals in the water combined with the beer are said to be good for the hair, skin, nails and blood circulation. This strange action is performed by a nurse specialize in beer therapy, which is a damn good kind of therapy!

10. Cactus Massage

Cactus Massage

The spa offers a lovely cactus massage made of a warm meringue of cactus, tuna or the bloom of the cactus and tequila, of all things. Rest assured, the cactus needles are uninvolved for this ingenious massage so chances are it will feel better than you strength think it will feel. There are many versions of this massage from the hakali massage, which uses a warm blend of cactus to the more standard tequila and sage oil treatment. The spa also offers treatments made with local materials such as volcanic ash, chocolate, vanilla and honey.

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