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Some of the world’s most expensive jewels have sold for mind-boggling prices over the years. Some haven’t sold at all mainly since they are just so incredibly pricey. These high-end, ultra-expensive necklaces typically include manifold diamonds with eye-popping carat weights, but some also use other rare jewels, including rubies and sapphires. Read on to learn about some of the most exclusive necklaces ever.

1. Garrard: Heart of the Kingdom Ruby

Price: $14 million

Garrard’s Heart of the Kingdom Ruby necklace will definitely suit your fancy. This necklace features as its centerpiece a nearly 41-carat, super rare, heart-shaped Burma ruby. The brilliant stone is surrounded by more than 150 diamonds.

2. Neil Lane’s Diamond Necklace

Price: $4 million

It’s positively blinding! This truly unique, one of a kind necklace features 140 carats of pear-shaped, cushion-shaped and teardrop-shaped diamonds, all set in platinum on multiple strands.

3. De Beers’ Marie Antoinette Necklace

Price: $3.7 million

The Marie Antoinette Necklace from De Beers definitely ranks among the world’s most expensive necklaces. This is no mere bauble. The necklace features more than 181 carats of diamonds, including a monster 8 carat, pear-shaped white diamond as a centerpiece. All of the jewels are set in platinum.

4. Titanic Heart of the Ocean Diamond

Price: $3.5 million

The “Heart of the Ocean” diamond necklace that Kate Winslett/Rose wears in the blockbuster movie ‘Titanic’ is not a real diamond. It’s actually a blue cubic zirconium made by London jewelers Asprey & Garrad. The jewelers did later make a reproduction using real gems (including a heart-shaped Ceylon sapphire that weighs in at a whopping 170 carats).

5. Chopard Magnificent Diamond and Emerald Necklace

Price: $3 million

This extraordinary necklace features 191 carats of emeralds, set between 16 carats of diamonds

6. H. Stern’s Venus Necklace

Price: $3 million

Designer H. Stern’s Venus Necklace is, without question, a true beauty to behold. This necklace, priced at well over $3 million, features 110 carats of diamonds, all set in 18 kt gold (of course). Dazzling!

7. Tiffany & Co. Majestic Diamond Necklace

Price: $2.5 million

Set in platinum, the Majestic Diamond Necklace is a pear-shaped, solitaire diamond pendant that features a 41.4 carat sparkler that’s sure to get noticed. This necklace costs $2.5 million.

8. William Goldberg Fancy Colored Diamond Necklace

Price: $2 million

William Goldberg’s Fancy Colored Diamond Necklace fits the bill nicely. And it’ll be a big, big bill: $2 million will get you this magnificent necklace, which features 45 carats of “fancy-colored” diamonds, all set in platinum and 19-carat yellow gold.

9. Leviev Fancy Pink and White Diamond Necklace

Price: $2 million

The centerpiece of this gorgeous necklace is a rare pink and white diamond that weighs in at nearly 98 carats! This is one bauble that will get noticed.

10. Bulgari Sapphire and Diamond Necklace

Price: $1 million

Bulgari’s Sapphire and Diamond necklace, which retails for more than $1 million, features more than 950 diamonds and countless numbers of sapphires - all weighing in at more than 66 carats.

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