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MESHA : You have to show more concern for your family. Avoid arguments with your wife/husband. Take care of your parent’s health. You will have to spend money on children’s higher studies.

RISHABA : Today you may have automobile expenses. Harmony would prevail at home. Good news from abroad is waiting for you. It is a good day.

MITHUNA : There will be transfer in job today, Gemini. You will get peace of mind. Co-workers would be helpful to you.

KATAKA : Be cautious in travelling. Avoid night time travelling. You will get money in various ways. Try to save it.

SIMHA : You might have been upset on not getting appreciation for your hard work. But today everyone would recognize your hard work. You can invest on land and automobile today.

KANYA : Today relatives would come and frolic fills the air. But button up your words.

THULA : There would be improvement on health side. You can start new ventures today. It is a good day for students.

VRICHIKA : You will get lot of profits today, Scorpio. It is the gift for your patience. Have control on your words to have a pleasant evening.

DHANUS : There will not be peace of mind for you today, Sagittarius. You may not be able to take proper decision. By evening everything would be alright. Do not worry.

MAKARA : You will go to temple with your family today. This would give happiness. Utilize it to the most and have fun.

KUMBHA : You will achieve your goals easily. This would give you self-confidence. Hard work will always give you reward.

MEENA : You will have to concentrate on children’s education today. analyze the situation and take decision

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