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MESHA : Today you will be more self-confident. You will show more involvement in all the works you do. Co-workers would co-operate with you. It is a pleasant day.

RISHABA : Your wife may have some health troubles. You may have to shell out money for her sake. You will get good news in the evening. Cautiousness is very important today.

MITHUNA : You may get yourself involved in helping poor. This would give you peace of mind. Relatives would give you troubles and tortures. Avoid talking unnecessarily.

KATAKA : Today you must be patient. You will solve all the problems through your intelligence. You will achieve your target easily. It is an average day.

SIMHA : Today you will buy house hold items. So you will have to fritter away money on that purpose. Harmony and happiness would prevail at home. Circumstances would make you upset by evening. Avoid unnecessary thoughts to have a pleasant day.

KANYA : You have to be vigil to avoid huge loss. Be careful in travelling. Do not share your personal information with an unknown person. Otherwise it is a good day.

THULA : Today money flow wouldn’t be satisfying. But at the right time friends would help you. You will struggle to keep up your word. Keep it in mind that precaution is better than cure.

VRICHIKA : You will get good news from abroad. Sow seeds for a bright future. You will be more active than ever before.

DHANUS : You will have income as well as expenses too. Do not take any important decisions today. Worshipping the omnipresent would give you peace of mind.

MAKARA : You will have to spend on children today. Do not worry about expenditures. Avoiding unnecessary thoughts and talks would make this day a better one.

KUMBHA : Legal issues would take a new shape today. You will get a new friend who will help you to reach your goal. You will get good income through business. It is pleasant day.

MEENA : You should be very careful today. Particularly avoid night time travelling. Think twice before investing. Wait till tomorrow for major decision.

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