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MESHA: Today your mind is strongly prejudiced by feeling and intuition, Aries, so you’ll be able to communicate particularly well with others. You might sense what they need to hear before they know it themselves. This ability could be used in many ways. It could enhance your writing skills. If you’re into presentation of any kind, it could sharpen your ability to speak, teach, or act. Make the most of it.

RISHABA: You generally like to think of yourself as someone who faces life logically and rationally, Taurus, but today your natural side could prove a valuable resource, particularly when it comes to dealing with others. Your communicative ability is enhanced by a strong sense of what others are thinking and feeling. This opens the door to more effective connections with everyone - friends, lovers, colleagues, even strangers.

MITHUNA: Your instinct is usually very strong, Gemini, and your level of empathy enhances your relationships. Today, however, a burst of logic could enable you to see many things in a different light. This adds a new dimension to your communicative abilities and could show precious in bring you closer to the ones you love the most. It can also increase your understanding of yourself.

KATAKA: Your intuition is sharp almost to the point of telepathy today. Cancer, you may be able to sense what others want and need even before they know it themselves. You could also experience a few visionary impressions that prove valuable motivation for creative and artistic work. When images well up from your psyche, don’t dismiss them as irrelevant. They could make a big difference in your life right now.

SIMHA: A get-together with a group of your closest friends could bring about some intense communication, with many enlightening some of your deepest concerns, Leo. Your thinking should be greatly influenced by feeling, so you might knowledge a high level of understanding that your friends are going to appreciate. This could well bring all of you closer together and increase future contact. Enjoy your day!

KANYA: A heightened level of instinct and understanding of others might catapult you to the center of attention at a gathering, Virgo. Knowledge combined with experience results in wisdom today. Insights could lead to more efficient ways of doing things. You’ll probably pass this on to others, especially since more than one person could ask you for insights into their particular situation. Don’t forget your sense of humor. Life is serious enough.

THULA: Contact with friends who have traveled widely could have you desire to take the first plane to a distant place that you’ve always wanted to visit. At the very least, you’ll probably want to plan a vacation. If you’re traveling to a overseas country, you may want to take a stab at learning the language. Actually, this is a good time to study a language - your mind is particularly sharp.

VRICHIKA: Dreams or visions could put you in touch with deep feelings that you may not have been aware of before, Scorpio. This could enable you to release trauma from your past and give you a new sense of lightness. However, your rational mind is very much at work, so you could use this experience to shed light on others’ experiences and help them, too. Whatever happens today is likely to produce noticeable results.

DHANUS: Relationships of all kinds are likely to be strengthened by an increased level of understanding today, Sagittarius. Your thinking is greatly improved by your emotional intuitiveness, so you’ll be more able than usual to identify with the needs and desires of those around you. As a result, acquaintances could become friends, and friendships could progress into bonds that last for life. Romance also benefits from intensified empathy. Enjoy.

MAKARA: Today your moving intuition intensifies your mental abilities, Capricorn. Friends and family members are likely to grow closer to you. You may be more aware of what they really need and want, and they could see you in a new light. This can make you feel loved and wanted. The disadvantage is that your empathy is so high that you may pick up on everyone’s aches and pains. Try to keep yourself bathed in the white light.

KUMBHA: Relationships with those closest to you, particularly friends and love partners, should be enhanced by an increased understanding of their emotional world, Aquarius. You’re likely to identify even more strongly than usual with others’ feelings, and this could provide inspiration for artistic activities of some kind. This is also a great day to go out with your friends. think attending a concert, play, or sporting event.

MEENA: Dealing with the ups and downs of other family members could be easier for you today than usual, Pisces. You’re less tending to be logical and more apt to recognize with what other people feel. This will increase your understanding of their situation’s undercurrents, and they’ll likely be grateful for your empathy. Don’t forget your own concerns. You may see a lot of things in a different light today.

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