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MESHA: Someone distressed or angry, perhaps a relative, might phone you today expecting a sympathetic ear and soothing words. You’ll be more than able to give them. This is a great day for writing, whether a letter to a friend or the first chapter of a novel. Your ability with words is in service at a high level. If you’re planning to teach or speak to a group, know that words will flow freely.

RISHABA: A lost control could be recovered today. A gift, either money or a long-desired item of some kind, could bring tears to your eyes, Taurus. Your sense of self-worth should be high at his time, and could cause you to feel nurturing towards everyone around you who doesn’t have your self-confidence. New opportunity for increasing your income could come your way. Make the most of them.

MITHUNA: Today should prove to be a wonderful day, Gemini. Your physical energy is good, and you should be looking and emotion wonderful. Though you’ll probably want to spend most of the day at home, you’re likely to attract lots of interesting people in intriguing fields into your aura. Your ability to express your feelings is also high, so expect some inspiring conversations about whatever strikes your fancy. Enjoy your day.

KATAKA: Today you might feel as if you’re walking around in a daze, Cancer, but it’s a good days. Your mind’s eye and artistic ability are sharp. Your intuition is especially attuned, and the thoughts and feelings of others are more apparent to you than they realize. You might feel unusually restless at some point and think going for a workout, or at least a walk.

SIMHA: A group with which you’re affiliated with could abruptly seem to grow closer, and a family feeling could develop among its members. One of the members could suddenly appear to you in a new light, Leo, and a romantic magnetism might develop. Whether you pursue it or not depends on your state of affairs, but you’ll still feel closer to your friends now. Some intimate conversations could take place amid discussions of other matters.

KANYA: Family member might want to get out in the world today, perhaps to attend a festival or rally. This is an excellent day to do this sort of thing, Virgo. You should be feeling particularly energetic and enthusiastic, and you’re likely to draw some attractive new people your way. Expect your mind to be stimulated by lectures or speeches given by public figures. Hop in the car, get out, and have some fun.

THULA: Family member who live far away might be planning a visit, and you could discuss it at some length today, Libra. A lot of phone calls or emails could be exchanged. You might be bearing in mind a move to another state or country, but you aren’t likely to make definite plans now. Whatever your plans, however, they’re likely to prove exciting and cause you to anticipate the prospect. Enjoy your day.

VRICHIKA: Insights shared by a family member could lead to possible ways to increase your income. Expect to handle a lot of official procedure regarding money, Scorpio, but this is a positive development and definitely should leave you feeling good about your state of affairs. This is a great day to do in-depth research. Your intuition is high and you’re apt to see right through superficial appearances to the heart of any matter that interests you.

DHANUS: If you need to execute legal papers of any kind, Sagittarius, you couldn’t find a better day to do it. Relationships, particularly romantic ones, should be especially warm, supportive, and rewarding. New and interesting people could cross your path. You might feel an instant bond with at least one of them. If you aren’t currently romantically involved, you could well meet someone exciting today. Social events are gratifying and stimulating.

MAKARA: Home and family are apt to be your primary focus today, Capricorn. Work around the house might take up a lot of your time. You strength want to spruce up the place and make it more beautiful. Gardening could be especially rewarding now. If you’ve wanted to try some recipes from a new cookbook, this is the day to do it. Your creative impulses regarding food are at an all-time high.

KUMBHA: Today a strong sense of destiny could lead you to someone new - either a potential close friend or prospective romantic partner. You’re apt to feel particularly protective toward this person, Aquarius, and even though he or she is new to you. You could feel as if you’ve known this person forever. Artistic activities benefit from increased intuition and bodily and mental energy. Expect to shine! Enjoy your day.

MEENA: Volatile emotion may come to the surface among the members of your household today. This could prove irritating for you, Pisces, but try to avoid becoming involved in others’ quarrels. At times like this, a lot could be said that shouldn’t be said, and apologies won’t of necessity wipe it out. This is a great day to get some work done around the house, as your bodily power is high. Make use of your good aesthetic sense.

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