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MESHA: This week is full of changes in your job, Aries. But those changes are for your good. Money flow would be satisfying. New responsibilities would come your way. You may get lot of opportunities. But you have to struggle for it. Your hard work would reap reward.
RISHABA: This is a very good week for students. You can study as well as concentrate on computers and other technical job. In the beginning of the week you may run short of money. But by the latter part of the week money flow would be satisfactory.
MITHUNA: You have to concentrate on mother’s health, Gemini. Harmony would prevail at home. Circumstances would lead you to squander money. You may need money for your children’s education. So avoid spending money unnecessarily. This is a week of expense.
KATAKA: This week you will buy all house hold items, gold, silver etc. it is a pleasant week too. You will get in touch with new friends which would be beneficial. New endeavors would give you success. It is a very enjoyable week for you cancer.
SIMHA:All these days you were frustrated that your hard work has not been appreciated. But you will be valued this week. You will get transfer or increment. Primarily you will get peace of mind. It is a week of rewards, Leo.
KANYA: You can do investments this week, Virgo. Your investments should be valuable. It is advisable to invest on gold, silver, shares and property. But do not make in hasty. This would be a best week if you act wisely.
THULA: This week you will buy new vehicles. You can exchange your old vehicle for a new one. You can also buy household items such as furniture, interiors etc. you have to squander money. So make expenses usefully.
VRICHIKA: This week would bring lot of confusions. You may not able to take proper decision. Just stop thinking. Concentrate on doing a work. Keep away all confusions and make use of every opportunity.
DHANUS:You have to concentrate on health Sagittarius. You may get affected by cold and body pain. There would be peace and happiness in the family. Everyone will appreciate your hard work. Relatives will come home this week. This is a good week entirely.
MAKARA: You will go to ancestral temple this week. This will give you peace and happiness. By the latter part of the week relatives would come home. So you may have to fritter away your funds. You should save some money in the beginning of the week.
KUMBHA: This week is going to give you adequate amount of money. You will get to meet a person who will lend hand for your bright future. Your health would improve. You will be more confident than before. This is an excellent week for you Aquarius.
MEENA:It is a very good week for businessmen. You will get good income in your business. Do not fail to save money. Later you will have to spend for your children’s higher education. You will buy new clothes. If you regularize your income this week would be an excellent week.

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