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Some women are gifted with naturally beautiful eyes while others can make their eyes beautiful with the use of eye makeup

A deft application of eyeliner, kohl and mascara can transform your face in a matter of seconds. This is the main reason why eye makeup is so popular with women all over the world.

We have already mentioned the use of kohl and eyeliner, to this add a touch of color and your eyes will look completely transformed. However, knowing the correct ways for applying eye makeup is very essential. Read on to know about eye makeup and eye makeup application tips.

* Always try and experiment with eye makeup to know the exact colors and products that suit you the best. Create different types of looks, try them all - from simplest to the extreme.

* To get perfectly groomed brows without much effort, define the brow with an eyebrow pencil in tiny stokes lightly, comb through it in the upward and outward direction with an eyebrow comb to do away with any extra foundation or powder and give it a fuller shape. This will enhance the beauty of your eyes. Apply a little clear gel to hold the shape in place.

* Do not ignore the eyebrows as shape of your eyebrows has a great deal to do with the overall look of your eyes, and your face. Take the help of a professional to get the right shape of your eyebrows, if you are not very keen on using tweezers on your own. Threading your eyebrows may be a better solution compared to using tweezers to shape your eyebrows.

* Next, use an eye liner to highlight the shape of your eyes. This is a great cosmetic to flatter any kind of eye shape and size. You can choose from liquid eyeliners and pencil eyeliners. While applying liquid liner, be careful not to smudge and therefore, look downwards while applying it. However, the most effective and dramatic is the pencil liner. You can also apply it to the lower lashes to get a fuller look. Eyeliners must always be applied after the eyebrow makeup and before applying mascara.

* Squeeze your lashes with eye lash curlers to make them bend, before using mascara.

* You may, also, use false eyelashes, by gluing the roots to your skin just above your original lashes. This will give your eyes a larger look.

* Applying mascara also takes a little effort but continuous application can make you an expert in no time. To give the flattering fringe to your eyes, start with the upper lashes. First brush them downwards and then upwards from underneath. After this, use only the top of the mascara to brush the lower lashes very gently in a side-to-side technique. Do not blink while applying the mascara as this would not give the perfect effect. Now with an eyelash comb, gently glide through the lashes to remove excess of mascara. You can repeat the entire technique twice so as to get the perfect eye lashes.

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