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Beautiful skin is not just the visible surface; it’s a largest part of our bodies. And believe it or not, this part discloses a state of the whole body.

Therefore, the real Skin care begins with healthy lifestyle. Everything we eat affects our appearance, so why not take some products out of the menu to keep our skin beautiful?

Healthy body equals beautiful skin and health problems cause acnes, swelling, color changes and a bunch of other skin problems.

What we need are carbohydrates, proteins and even fats for proper nutrition, but some of these can affect our health badly, especially if consumed in great quantities. Protein is essential for our health, but protein, combined with trans-fatty acids and saturated fats will not help you at all. Sausage, bacon and ground beef are the products that contain this harmful combination.

This trio is bad for your skin, because they make skin wrinkle and fuel the aging processes. Butter and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils contain trans-fatty acids as well. This food is not exactly bad for you, but if you consume it regularly, you will experience skin changes. If these products are on your regular diet, try and stop eating them for several weeks and check the effect your new diet has on your skin.

Food like cake, bread, sugar, cereal, full-fat ice cream are categorized as high glycemic ones. This means they have a lot of carbohydrates that are digested quickly after consuming. Food that has a high glycemic index can induce acne. And food with low glycemic index is considered to be more useful for your body. Low glycemic foods are whole grains, fruits, vegetables. Eating more vegetables is always a good decision in order to improve your health, but you should choose uncooked vegetables before prepared ones. Potato chips and French fries are made out of potatoes, but you can’t call this ‘vegetable meal’ a healthy choice.

Nutritionists would never recommend giving carbohydrates up totally, because they are indeed useful. However, some foods that contain carbohydrates come in harmful combinations that make glucose levels in blood spike. And high glucose levels are the perfect condition for skin damaging effects and inflammations to emerge. Pasta, baked beans and raisins are the products that can suddenly raise glucose levels in blood. Although beans and other legumes contain vitamins and helpful minerals, baked and canned beans are prepared with ingredients that affect glucose levels badly.

If some of the above mentioned products are your favorite food, don’t take it out of your menu too quickly. If you don’t eat those regularly, they may be safe for the health of your skin.

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