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Daily game Jun 06 : Moby Dick: The Video Game

Shadowbox.init({modal:true}); PlayBecome the great terror of the sea!

Daily game Jun 02 : Breakthrou

Shadowbox.init({modal:true}); PlayHot peppers make you run fast!

Daily game Jun 01 : GoodGame Farmer

Shadowbox.init({modal:true}); PlaySeed, harvest & work to make your farm the best.

Daily game May 31 : Coaster Racer

Shadowbox.init({modal:true}); PlayProof your driving skills. Speed up and win the race!

Daily game May 30 : Ghost Hacker

Shadowbox.init({modal:true}); Play

Daily game May 29 : Wizard’s Run

Shadowbox.init({modal:true}); Play

Daily game May 28 : Lucky Tower

Shadowbox.init({modal:true}); PlaySomething bad happened in the luck tower. Try your luck and find out (and find your way out without dieing too).

Daily game May 27 : Haunt the House

Shadowbox.init({modal:true}); PlayScare the inhabitants of the house with your ghost skills. All objects interact with your commands and are made to spook and scare!

Daily game May 26 : Running Ink

Shadowbox.init({modal:true}); PlayReach your goal before you’ll dry up….

Daily game May 25 : Monster Matchmaker

Shadowbox.init({modal:true}); PlayGet the lonely skeletons the best brides…
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