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Daily game May 24 : Mad Trucker 2

Shadowbox.init({modal:true}); PlaySpeed up for some great truck madness!

Daily game May 23 : Rage Arena

Shadowbox.init({modal:true}); Play

Daily game May 22 : Space Saga

Shadowbox.init({modal:true}); PlayDestroy the evil bugs to get to the next levels.

Daily game May 21 : Armed with Wings 3

Shadowbox.init({modal:true}); PlayGrab you weapon and your courage to fight and win evil.

Daily game May 20 : Gunfire Echoes

Shadowbox.init({modal:true}); PlaySave the world by destroying all the enemy’s soldiers.

Daily game May 19 : Dwarf Toss

Shadowbox.init({modal:true}); PlayThrow the dwarf the furthest away.

Daily game May 18 : Monster ATV

Shadowbox.init({modal:true}); PlayReady, set, go! Monster Race the best you can, it’s not as easy as you can!

Daily game May 17 : Jet Velocity 3D

Shadowbox.init({modal:true}); PlayJet race your way to victory!

Daily game May 16 : All We Need Is Brain

Shadowbox.init({modal:true}); PlayBrain your way to killing the zombie.

Daily game May 15 : Age of Kingdom

Shadowbox.init({modal:true}); PlayUse your resources smartly. Build and defend your kingdom.
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