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Great progress achieved by the trucking, solid food, and food processing industry is getting fruits and vegetables to the market as close to fresh picked as possible.

The only way to achieve this quality is to grow your own food. The health and taste of food grown in healthy organic soil is a condition that even natural growers, never mind the commercial industry cannot ever hope to attain.

A home food grower with even the tiniest bit of growing space can, if selectively planted yield a surprising amount of food. In fact a gardening space of 15×20 will take care of much of the vegetable needs of a family of four. The phrase “selectively” planted means avoiding extensive plants like vine squashes and melons. It is also unlikely that corn could be accommodated.

Small space consumers like carrots, beets, lettuce, bush beans, onions, turnips, radish, kohlrabi, spinach, and bush summer squash all recommend them to a limited garden space. Square foot and other “intensive” gardening methods help obtain maximum yields. Vertical gardening is another method that can be employed to conserve space.

To gain full use of limited space plant “early” or quickly maturing vegetables like radishes, lettuce, turnips, beets, and the quick yielding bush bean will, after harvesting, permit second plantings of additional veggies for a late fall harvest.

Leafy green veggies like chards, lettuces, and spinach can be good to grow. Because leafy greens don’t keep well they are expensive at the store. They grow best in cooler weather, and they can be harvested over and over. When you want a salad, you walk out to your garden and cut enough just for that salad, the leaves grow back, and the next time you want a salad, you walk out and do it again.

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