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Food poisoning is one of the worrying weakness conditions that plague us at least once in our life time. It is caused by consuming contaminated food and fluids. Food may be contaminated or contain bacteria, viruses, poisonous substances, etc. which are harmful for the human body. The body would want to get rid of these anti agents in the form of vomiting or loose motions. It’s a upsetting phase for a person to go through.

To prevent such a condition here are a few easy tips:

Good food hygiene is the foremost point that needs to be taken care of as what goes inside through the way of our mouth affects the most and directly.

Wash hands before picking up any food to eat. Maximum diseases that occur are caused due to dirt and germs that are stuck on our hands.

Secondly, do see to it that what you eat is washed carefully. Also, avoid eating outside food as germs settle on the foods which are left open. Of course, not every one who eats out every now and then falls sick, but sooner or later it does affects our body. Food that has been kept open for a long time must be avoided at all costs.

Refrigerate food immediately if it is the leftover of the day. Non-vegetarian food, eggs, and dairy products should be kept refrigerated as they tend to rot and degenerate. Even under-cooked meat is not supposed to be had.

Make it a point to have milk which is pasteurized well. Unpasteurized juices of certain fruits too do not help much in preventing food poisoning.

Even before preparing food, wash your hands carefully. If you are suffering from diseases like diarrhea, etc. Keep the utensils and the kitchen clean as much as possible. Make sure that the packaged food that you buy is not expired.

By being alert of what you eat and how you eat, you can prevent food poisoning.

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