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1. The Lion King

Walt Disney

This much loved film is a musical, prejudiced by Hamlet, and situated in an animal kingdom in Africa. Its plea lay in the story about the saga of Simba, and in the outstanding musical score. It conventional critical acclaim for its rendition, and 1994, when it was released it was the most successful film for that year.

2. Finding Nemo

Walt Disney/Pixar

Finding Nemo has been the highest selling DVD of all time and it was also a monetary blockbuster with regard to box-office receipts. The plot revolves around the clownfish Marlin, penetrating for his son Nemo, and the risks and adventures he encounter throughout his search. It prompted a sharp add to in the sale of clown fish as pets, and an increase in the number of tourists looking for Nemo of the Eastern coasts of Australia.

3. Shrek


Released in 2001, this film was the first movie to win an Academy Award for the Best Animated Feature, a category introduce that year. The main nature Shrek is a large intimidating ogre, and giving him good company are the beautiful Princess Fiona and chatty donkey named Donkey. This film noticeable the advent of DreamWorks as strong competition to Walt Disney in the lively films genre.

4. Monsters Inc

Walt Disney/Pixar

A critically acclaimed film, Monsters. Inc is based in a legendary city of Monstropolis. Like most animated films it gave birth to further ancillary sections such as subject rides and games.

5. Toy Story 2


This sequel to the original Toy Story, gross even more than the first film. The story revolves around a group of toys which come to life when the humans are not around. This sequel was at first meant to be just a 60 minute sequel to the first film, but judging from the success of the first film, they made it into a full length movie.

6. Aladdin

Walt Disney

The score of this film, and Robin Williams’s masterful presentation made it into one of the most successful animated films. A timeless and ancient story was twisted into a magical movie, and it spawned two other sequels.

7. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Walt Disney

Made in 1937, if we calculate its gross gate as calculated against price rises, it would be one of the largest grosser of all times. A lasting tale, it marked the entry of Walt Disney into the records of great animation film makers, a genre that they ruled for many decades after that.

8. Ice Age

20th Century Fox

A story about Paleolithic animals who are trying to go back a lost human baby to its parents, it was the start of a three part follow-up, which acquire critical and box office approval.

9. The Incredibles


An Incredible film, this 3D appearance from Pixar was hail as being a technical masterpiece. The first animated film to have an completely human cast of font, the film in the end became the third highest grosser for a Pixar film.

10. The Little Mermaid

Walt Disney

This film did not originally do very well in the movie theatres, but it’s DVD and video sales surpass all other receipts. Once again a classic fairy story, it has withstand the test of time, and even 20 years after its let go it is one of the most required after DVD’s.

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