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MESHA: A friend may bring you to a new place after work and you enjoy the discussions that surround subjects other than work. You come to a new realization that all of us should be concentrating on smelling-the-roses rather than passing them by in such a hurry.

RISHABA: Matters of participation away from the job in clubs or organizations may have you analyzing just where you want to spend your energies. Travel may be in your thoughts and the last week of this month would be a perfect time for planning a short trip or vacation.

MITHUNA: It may be difficult however, to make definite plans regarding extracurricular expenses. Easy does it-this too shall gain your wise attention! Do not become preoccupied with a moneymaking idea and accept it as a winner! You are going in the right direction when you consider all the angles.

KATAKA: There could be some research breakthrough today. You make progress in the technical field at this time. You could be most persuasive with others regarding this breakthrough. Anything in your life that has outlived its usefulness is likely to be changed, lost, given away or abandoned. Now is the time to clear away any difficulties and protect the things you hold dear.

SIMHA: Buy yourself some time before giving an answer as you need time to consider all the angles. You will be most persuasive with others when you do make up your mind. It’s easy to see what you value and care about these days. Your sense of appreciation is sharp and in high focus.

KANYA: You may find yourself at odds if you become too sharp with your words. Make it a point to lighten up and laugh at yourself as well as the quandaries of life. Perhaps you could take a turn at being cook this evening-or order in.

THULA: A shopping trip is in order. This may mean a social event is coming up soon or it is just time to revamp your wardrobe. This evening you carry through with some promise to a friend or group. Perhaps you are visiting someone or helping to return a favor. Whatever the case, this evening you work to complete whatever responsibilities you have set for yourself.

VRICHIKA: Be wise in managing your finances this afternoon. There is a feeling that anything is possible if you set your sights high enough. There is also optimism, faith and a tendency to take chances at the deepest emotional levels. A social affair can be enjoyed this evening with your co-workers. You will be able to network as well as create good feelings between associates.

DHANUS: You are wise to view a situation from a different perspective. There is a need to get away from routine so that you will have some time to think through a few choices or decisions. A pioneering instinct takes hold later as you are promised some work with a new technology. This project may call for a team effort, which will relieve you of some stress.

MAKARA: You should show caution as to what types of financial activities or sort of investments you discover. There is optimism and faith along with a feeling that anything is possible. Family members are congenial and helpful this evening with lots of excellent suggestions. There are plans in the works for a backyard barbeque.

KUMBHA: You may have some ideas that would aid the health care programs. You may decide to write a member of congress or your legislator about your findings and ideas. Today seems to be discovery day and you could discover insights into day-to-day problems as well.

MEENA: Now is the time to make a special date, apply for a job or otherwise put your best foot forward. You appreciate beautiful things and today is no exception. While you are looking for that particular outfit or purchase this afternoon, be sure to compare prices. You may find the time well spent. Turn the television off early.

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