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MESHA: You should be able to get your ideas across with ease. This is the beginning of a bright and witty day. Your communication skills are at a high-water mark. Through new studies you will make great leaps forward in your job. You are just beginning to realize how much you can do to make a positive difference in other people’s lives and seek out ways to accomplish this.

RISHABA: It may be another person’s turn to lead the group at work today. As a co-worker or group leader takes the lead, you will need to put your own pet project(s) and ideas temporarily on hold. You perhaps, can look forward to stepping out of the fast lane for a time. You may want to keep notes of your ideas so that you can frame your thoughts at a later time.

MITHUNA: Work, management abilities and intuitive insights are strong today and make for speedy results in the workplace. Welcome the trials and oppositions that occur with your finances now because these are the tests that will let you know whether you can continue to use your methods of making money or change them.

KATAKA: New ways to communicate or an easy manner will make conversations go well this Friday. You may find yourself more talkative than usual. Higher education and foreign travel may be your dream. You might enjoy a business in which you would need to travel. Take advantage of the educational opportunities that are available in other countries.

SIMHA: Today, you may need to lean on your own self for support. In order to make a point today, you will probably find a clever way of expressing yourself. Others discover that many people listen to you and your following will expand. You are not afraid of negative vibrations because it usually means a particular question needs an answer.

KANYA: You are against any sort of change but a change may be brewing in the employment sector. Think your plans through before acting them out now. Do not burn any bridges behind you. A reference is always welcomed. Any changes you deem necessary should be made now, under your power and not under someone else’s power.

THULA: There are corrections and improvements in the way you view your professional life. There are gains and profits now through June. One of the best financial benefits for you will be during an upcoming trip. You could be most persuasive with others and expressive in communicating your ideas. The situation lends itself to your particular thoughts.

VRICHIKA: You manage to express your opinion or ideas today in a group or collective context. You integrate your own goals and will also put up with a certain amount of what you perceive to be disturbing information from others. This is a good time for imagination and creativity when it comes to ideas and you are able to set up an opportunity to lead others in solving any problem situations.

DHANUS: This is a perfect time to be assertive and to move forward in your career decisions. You have all the drive and energy you could want. Channeling this energy is easy now. The path is open and clear. Financial ties to other people are highlighted-money matters and investments are a focus. This is a time when you must be careful in your decisions about finances.

MAKARA: You could be promoted because of outside influences. Perhaps your special talents and courteous manner increase the possibility for praise from customers or the end result from your efforts is higher than most. You are able to multiply other people’s money

KUMBHA: This is one of your more stressful days. Now that you know this you can create a better end result by taking plenty of breaks and getting outside for a while. You are really able to control most situations as your mind is sharp. Just remember that the better you handle the day the better your abilities are noted by higher-ups.

MEENA: Interruptions have run rampant these last few weeks but now all this is past and you can work without fear of time being so stressed. Politics in the workplace seems to have eased and better working conditions seem to be under way. There is a positive emphasis on you in the workplace now. Your effort to keep the peace between higher-ups and employees bring you much respect.

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