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MESHA: You maintain an even flow of performance when it comes to work and you set an example for anyone to follow. Someone needs your attention this afternoon and you are helpful, as usual. Listen to your body and learn when to call it a halt to exhausting activities. This afternoon you may feel like staying home and making a few repairs to your living area or you might want to secure your surroundings in better ways.

RISHABA: Play and tending to your responsibilities this day makes this a day full of good experiences. There is much laughter to go around. You are able to enjoy most of the day for your own creative ideas. A neighborhood child wants to show off the new magic trick the child has learned. You may find yourself telling knock-knock jokes to each other. A new or renewed love relationship provides for a joy-filled time later this afternoon.

MITHUNA: Look for ways to help your loved ones and they will pay you back with delight. Ideas are flowing and could come with ease. You can talk, talk, and talk. Activities with neighbors, friends or relatives make the day go along with the strong feelings of support and appreciation for life in general. By probing deeper into your inner being you will learn to be less structured in your fixed routines.

KATAKA: You could walk away with new ideas of your own and certainly an appreciation of the relationship between you and this older person. At home today you will find yourself in discussions surrounding some new technology. You are willing to take chances this afternoon.

SIMHA: You bask in the limelight, enjoying the opportunity to express your essence in whatever fashion you choose. A lack of information could hold you back today-educate yourself to what is happening. Your self-expression is strong and you get good results from your efforts. Perhaps there is a recalcitrant child or you are learning some new craft. This afternoon or evening you may have made plans for a social occasion.

KANYA: The domestic scene gains new appeal and now is a good time to talk with your parents and family. The team attitude is easy to achieve this afternoon and conversations while working on a home or family project can be stimulating and productive. Your emotions are steady and nurturing. There is a chance to understand those around you and to empathize and lend an ear to their thoughts.

THULA: You have changed. Your energies are high and you look forward to seeing particular people or just being where you are in your life at this time. You could be most persuasive with others because your thinking is of the highest form and you will not have to audit what you say. This situation is a natural for self-expression and when it is your turn to speak many people will listen. Outer circumstances tend to work in your favor.

VRICHIKA: A visit to the zoo with family or friends brings your thinking around to cooking for your own animals. Later today you may do a little experiment in the kitchen with different recipes for your faithful pets. Because of some overdue correspondence or writing project that you had previously disregarded, you might also spend some time answering your mail and returning phone calls.

DHANUS: Work requiring your special knowledge will go well at this time. The added touch of hesitancy will cause you to think before making rash decisions. Others may laugh because you seem to stay focused and duty conscious. Acknowledging your intensity may be a signal to stop soon and plan some sort of vacation that will allow you a different scenery and focus for a week or so.

MAKARA: You know that spring has spring with all the beauty around you. A trip to the park with a sketchpad may allow you to bring a sample of spring into your own home. Give your generous urges attention and find something that really gives you great joy to add your time and energies toward-at least once every two weeks. Today you may decide to join a therapeutic horsemanship group that aids handicapped people.

KUMBHA: A fun lecture or activity can be enjoyed by all. Mysterious or mystical information fires your imagination-there is a good chance that there is more heat than light. Keep an open mind and learn all you can, but do not take some of the things that you hear today as gospel. Later today you can enjoy a little walk around your neighborhood. Thoughts of installing a fishpond may cross your mind.

MEENA: You are becoming better focused and thorough about your work. Taking care of the necessary ingredients that help to make life comfortable and interesting health, work and such becomes a greater preoccupation for you now. Sorting things out and getting them organized keeps you quite busy.

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