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MESHA: You may be involved in interesting others in this quest for beauty. Some resentment between family members comes to your attention this afternoon. With your ability to understand people, you may be able to put an end to a cold emotional atmosphere. There is a real opportunity now to complete and work out difficulties and projects that require discipline.

RISHABA: You may find yourself feeling blocked and unable to express yourself, particularly in a group situation. Listening and learning instead of teaching and action may be the mode of the day-going with the flow, so to speak. Dreams and illusions, forgiveness and understanding human frailties: these things arouse deep feelings. This is a good day.

MITHUNA: This may be a good day for a picnic in the park or planning a get-together with family in order to play and visit at a time other than weddings, baby showers or funerals. This is a vital day with much energy and lots of action. You may feel focused and even a bit radiant at this time. You could find you are quite popular and able to really converse and get your message across to others.

KATAKA: You may perceive how to proceed with your plans with regard to your life situation now. This positive result is in part because of your responsibilities and additional life experiences that come with having such a wide scope of friends. This afternoon you may find yourself helping one of your friends move, or paint. Your unique and unusual qualities stand out and you are able to help others. Keep a little time for yourself.

SIMHA: You may enjoy participating in a leadership position. Problems are valued for the lessons they represent, rather than perceived as obstacles. Keep a notebook or a diary and make it a habit to make notes about the progress of this endeavor. A short trip today, by you or with someone, can be a great deal of fun. An adventure awaits you. This evening there is a great new restaurant to enjoy.

KANYA: There are many answers you have received but have not yet heard. Focus your energy on discovery. In-depth discussions and probing conversations find you at your mental best. Purchase fresh fruit and vegetables while grocery shopping today. A romantic dinner can be planned and enjoyed. Romance is quite possible this evening.

THULA: you have been observer to you could write a book or publish short stories for magazine without the secrets. This is a very congenial time. Dinner with friends charge your social battery. Reading, seeing a film, even walking through a natural setting can go a long way toward completing this perfect day.

VRICHIKA: you might seek the help of a financial counselor. Later today you may find some heated conversations between you and a family member but all ends well when both sides listen. There are times that it is perfectly appropriate to agree to disagree. Relations with a spouse are on solid ground. There is much positive energy now.

DHANUS: Teaching or guiding someone younger than you in matters of importance takes precedence this afternoon. Teaching is important but it would be good to remember that sometimes-young people also have their way at teaching. There is a chance to understand those around you and to have a special time with someone you love. A sense of support and harmony make this a happy time.

MAKARA: As you relax in your quiet time you express talents that you may have only suspected you have. Do not hesitate to take a course in any subject you might want to develop for self-enjoyment. This could encompass a French cooking class to auto-mechanics course. All sorts of discoveries about you can be realized and there is plenty of time to enjoy the quest. Tonight is good for family time.

KUMBHA: If you have a young person with you, a library may be the best resting place. As your concentration and focus returns, you may become enthusiastic about some idea or information that you glean from this excursion. A phone call this afternoon will thrill you. You are supportive of others and may find that someone close to you appreciates you.

MEENA: Understanding life trends and people’s spiritual process, you are a benefit to your own development. You have a clear vision into your own inner sense of values, how you appreciate and love. This may be a good time to examine and think about what is important and of lasting value in your life. Enjoy your music and humor sing along, perhaps with a friend.

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