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Most of the miscarriage is characterized by special secretions from the vagina. They can be brown and dark red along with abdominal pain. To prevent miscarriage in early pregnancy pregnant women must be very careful and if any vaginal secretion as mentioned above is noticed doctor must be immediately contacted without any delay.

Here are a few things which a pregnant woman must keep in mind:

* The most important thing is pre-examine and go for regular check-ups. If pregnancy is not planned test after its establishment and be observed by a gynecologist.

* Timely held ultrasound examinations during pregnancy are also helpful. Do not take any drugs and even vitamin tablets without consulting a doctor.

* Have a nutritious and balanced diet and keep away from bad habits. Indulge yourself in gentle physical activities, without overloading. In any case do not lift heavy objects.

* Avoid stress, almost all pregnant women experience stress and with suitable support from loved ones one can keep the stress away. You may also engage yourself in some meditation to relax you mind.

* Avoid sex during pregnancy. It is generally believed that normal pregnancy sex can be had when the woman desires it. But, sometimes sexual intercourse is asked to be avoided even during normal pregnancy, which is not always justified because sex life is a natural component in the woman’s life.

* But during the first trimester any sexual intercourse should be avoided with those women whose previous pregnancies ended in miscarriage or a threatened miscarriage, and if such a threat appeared in this pregnancy itself.

* Doctors suggest to avoid sexual intercourse during pregnancy because uterine contractions during orgasm and nipple stimulation that can cause premature birth. And, secondly, given the particular situation of pregnancy, women must be cautious of contracting any sexually transmitted disease or infection.

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