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The Barcelona midfielder has spent the season on-loan at St Andrews, but he has failed to make the expected impact.

Hleb admits he has struggled to adapt playing for a side like Birmingham, having before starred for Barca and Arsenal. “Before, I think teams like Birmingham were easy to play with but it is difficult when you play in such teams, not like Arsenal or Barcelona,” he explained.

“Here you need to just fight and run, not too much transitory, and this for me is something new.

“I have enjoyed it in a way because it is amazing new. This is different information although I prefer to play and to enjoy football.

“But I will give 100 per cent for this club every weekend.”

He admitted that he would not be returning to St Andrews next term, adding: “No, no. I am happy and enjoy my time here, everything is good here, but this is a little bit not my way of football.

“Barcelona is the main club in the world but it is difficult when you are not from Spain.

“It has happened with everybody with Henry, everyone. Josep Guardiola picks the Spanish players.

“I’ve not had a lot of chances to play there. I prefer to stay in the Premier League.”

Hleb admits he would love the possibility to return to Arsenal, saying: “I love Arsenal. It is always in my heart but now is too early to speak about a new club.

“I want to give my best for Birmingham but if I have chance to go back of course.

“Everything is possible but I am just saying if I get this chance, of course I’d come, but it’s too early to speak about this.”

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