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Before Sonos came on the sight in 2005, you had to be rich to afford a multi-room audio system. The first Sonos system wasn’t reasonably priced a two-room setup cost $1,400 and didn’t include speakers but it was thousands of dollars less than what the rivalry had to offer. In the intervening years, Sonos has carefully long-drawn-out its product line to deliver multi-room audio at ever-lower price points. With its latest product, the Play: 3, Sonos can bring network audio for as little as $300 per room and that does include the speakers.

Sonos has done a brilliant job of reducing the cost of entry without introduce interoperability issues (releasing free software that turns the wireless touch-screen devices you already own be it an iPod or a smartphone into full-featured Sonos remote controls was brilliant). You can integrate a Play:3 into an existing Sonos network within 30 seconds of unboxing. As always, one node must be hard-wired to your network, but Sonos has dropped the price of its wireless bridge to just $49.

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