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Many iPhone 4 owners will be asking themselves why they need an iPhone 4S when the free iOS 5 upgrade will equip their present phone with most of the new 200-odd features. We’ll get into the meat of those features later, but know this: Apple has built its best phone to date.

The new A5 dual-core processor makes things obviously nippier. Apps launch quicker, web pages load faster, multi-tasking is more fluid and resource-hungry apps like Pages now allow you to edit documents without any lag. Competitors will argue that their phones have been able to produce similar results for months, and they’d be right, but it remains a welcome upgrade.

The processor also supercharges the iPhone 4S’s graphical prowess. We tried Real Racing 2 HD and, while the visuals were a little smoother, we didn’t notice the 7x improvement as claimed by Apple. This is because games will need to be tuned to take advantage of the new chip. We had a demo of Infinity Blade 2 at the iPhone 4S launch and were blown away by the detail and speed of the polygon pushing. We’re talking PSP Vita graphics, if not better.

Another benefit of having the A5 processor is to mirror 4S content over Airplay. Wirelessly, the 4S will push out 720p to an Apple TV. Over connected HDMI, that will jump to 1080p. The simplicity of pushing small-screen content to the big screen on the fly is a neat trick, particularly when you start rotating and zooming. It’s also something to brag to iPhone 4 owners; T3 was told that the older model simply can’t cope with the demands of such technical wizardry.

The possible for playing games on the big screen from your phone is something Sony and Nintendo should keep an eye on, too. Note that, in our demo, the super-charged time without end Blade 2 was nervous over wireless. Tiny Wings has never looked better, though.

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