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Honey, a most assimilable carbohydrate compound, is a singularly acceptable, practical and most effective aliment to generate heat, create and replace energy, and furthermore, to form certain tissues. Honey, besides, supplies the organism with substances for the formation of enzymes and other biological ferments to promote oxidation. It has distinct germicidal properties and in this respect greatly differs from milk which is an exceptionally good breeding-ground for bacteria. Honey is a most valuable food, which today is not sufficiently appreciated. Its frequent if not daily use is vitally important.

The frequent Biblical references to milk and honey demonstrate the importance of these two oldest aliments. Neither, how-ever, is a complet food nor a proper nutriment alone for a long period of time. They are effective only to supplement deficiencies of other food substances.

Milk has many drawbacks. As mentioned, it is an excellent breeding medium for bacteria. The inhabitants of the East quickly sour the milk of cows, goats, sheep, mares and camels and prepare curds and cheese from it, because in warm climates milk cannot be preserved otherwise. Honey, on the other hand, requires little attention and does not deteriorate even in the tropics. Honey has often been given reference over milk. It is not surprising that Van Helmont gave milk the epithet, “brute’s food” and suggested bread, boiled in ber and honey, as a substitute. Liebig also recommended a substitute for milk. Honey has many advantages as a staple article of diet to secure optimum nutrition

Benefits of Honey :

* Honey is sedative, anti-fungal and nourishing

* Soothes tissues and help retain calcium in the body

*Antibacterial – great for both internal or external problem

* Considered to be a swiss army knife in the world of alternative medicine.

* Honey can boost the immune system

The use of Honey :

* Mixture of equal quantities of honey and ginger juice is a good expectorant. It helps in colds, cough, sore throat and runny nose.

* For asthma, mix half a gram of black pepper powder with honey and ginger juice mixture. Drink this mixture a few times a day.

* Honey is a great moisturizer and can be used on the skin as a natural revitalizing mask

* Eating a little local honey will make you “immune’ to pollens in the area.

* To improve eyesight, mix honey with carrot juice. Take one hour before meals in the morning.

* To purify the blood, mix one glass of warm water with 1-2 teaspoonful of honey and one teaspoonful of lemon juice. Take this preparation daily before you go to the toilet. It will also reduce fat and cleans your bowel.

* Honey can soothe and encourage the healing of sores in the mouth or vagina.

* A bowl of oats porridge with a spoonful of honey will calm the nerve. Ideal to be taken before an exam.

* Natural honey causes a lower rise in blood sugar than that of refined sugars in people with Type 2 diabetes. A little unprocessed honey may be added in their drinks when they crave some sweetness in their diet. Just use raw honey to benefit from this goodness.

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