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Almonds (badam) are one of the most nutritious nuts around. Almonds are high in protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. This nut like seed has gained quite a reputation as being a superfood. You can eat it as a quick and healthy snack, or put it in your milk shakes or mix it with fresh fruits and vegetables to make a detoxifying drink.

* Hair loss prevention by mixing indian gooseberry juice and almonds and massaging over scalp. This hair loss remedy prevents graying of hair and thinning of hair.A massage of Almond oil mixed with Indian gooseberry (amla) juice can prevent hair loss. It also prevents graying and thinning of hair. It also helps if you have dandruff.

*Skin Rejuvenation using almond face pack. Prevents dry skin, black heads and a good long term cure for acne.An almond face pack prevents dry skin, pimples and black heads and is a good long term cure for acne. It also improves skin complexion and premature aging. It nourishes the skin making it smooth and soft.

*Almonds are high in potassium and low in sodium, both are factors that regulate blood pressure. The high level of magnesium in almonds has a very positive effect on our arteries and veins and helps to improve the overall flow of nutrients through our bodies. It also contains iron, which helps carry oxygen to all of the body’s cells and organs.

*People who suffer from heart problems can lower their bad cholesterol (LDL) and maintain the level of good cholesterol (HDL) through the daily consumption of almonds

*People eating at least 5 almonds a day have a 25% lower risk of developing gallstones, a study confirms. Almond oil also possesses laxative properties and helps to produce soft stools and avoid any constipation.

*Nutrients present in almonds like Protein, Manganese, Copper & Riboflavin are all used to generate energy in our body. An almond chocolate or an energy bar is something must if you are always on the move.

*Almond is a source of many nutrients which helps in development of the brain development. Ayurveda recommends having 5 soaked almonds in the morning everyday for maximum brainpower. Phenylalanine, a brain-boosting chemical present in almond, aids healthy development of our cognitive functions

*A mixture of powdered almonds and warm water could be given to babies, who are lactose intolerant. This almond milk is as nutritious as any other milk.The nutrients that are present in almonds can strengthen the skeletal system, by increasing bone density. The elderly people should eat almonds to prevent osteoporosis.

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