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Prior to baby’s bath, have bathing materials, clothes and towels already assembled, and keep the phone within arm’s reach. Never leave the room for any reason while giving your baby a bath. Realize that the first few baths will be difficult, but they will get easier. When bathing baby, keep the room warm and draft-free. Make sure your hot water warmer is set lower than 120 degrees. Always test bathwater temperature on the inside of your wrist. Newborns need to be bathed only every three days or so. Until the circumcision is healed and the umbilical cord falls off, newborns should be given only sponge baths. If the cord gets wet by mistake, dab rubbing alcohol on it after the bath. For small babies, use a towel in the bottom of the sink or tub so he or she doesn’t slip. Avoid strong soaps and shampoos made for adults. Never use soap crop on baby’s face. Place a washcloth that’s been wetted with warm water over baby’s abdomen to keep him warm. Always start with the face and end with the hair. A great deal of body heat is lost through the head so this area should be saved for last. Wash baby’s bottom from front to back. Don’t use Q-tips when washing a baby. Sudden actions could cause accidents. Don’t clean the innards of baby’s ears. Babies don’t like their faces covered, so use a washcloth to clean one area of the face at a time.

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