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Eyebrows create regularity on the face. That is why women with perfect eyebrows look more beautiful. The sad fact is that most women often abandon to groom or shape their eyebrows, which can lead to a less beautiful overall image. So here, we will describe some beauty tips for the best way to achieve and maintain that perfect eyebrow to enhance your overall beauty.

Using clear mascara, brush your eyebrows straight up. You will then need to use some small scissors to carefully trim all the hairs that extend past the natural shape you want the top of your eyebrows to be. Brush each brow back into it is usual shape after you have over trimming.

Using an eyebrow or kohl pencil, draw along the side of your nose and up towards your inner eye to make sure that the inner edge of your eyebrow is lined up with the very inner corner of your eye.

Do the same thing with the eyeliner pencil, drawing a line that intersects from the side of your nose up to your iris. This will be where you make your arch.

Once again, to determine where your eyebrow be supposed to end, draw a line from the side of your nose up past the outer corner of your eye.

Wax or Tweeze away any hairs that are out side of where you noticeable. You are actually shaping the eyebrow now to make it beautiful.

Brush eyebrows with the clear mascara once again to keep in put and use an eyebrow pencil or liner to fill in any thin areas.

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