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How to Get Soft Hair

* For this step you will need to braid or wrap your hair in a bun that way it absorb the moisture in a good position. After that’s done start to get out your ingredient for the dampen which are the eggs, mayonnaise, 1/4 of a cup of vinegar, empty bottle of shampoo or bottle of sprits if you do not have these stuff to put the moistures. I then find amazing you think can hold it. If you want you can add a little bit of milk since it moistures and nourishes hair.

* Once you have all of these you may mix them altogether in a big bowl or container until you think its thick enough. Be sure that when you are adding this stuff together you are looking at the labels of Nutrition so you can see how well it is good for hair. Make sure you look for B6 vitamins, inositol, folic acid, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, biotin etc!

*Then it is time for the slippery slimy fun! If you do not want to touch this ingredient then take gloves and grab a hand full of the slime, and add it onto your hair. I propose you leave some so you can put some in an urn so every month you can deep condition your hair.

* Once you’ve added the ingredients onto hair go take a plastic bag and wrap it around your hair so that way the plastic bag traps in the damp. After that take a steamy towel and put this around the plastic bag. When all of these steps are finished wait about 30 minutes or maybe even an hour! Now it might irritate you, but be patient. The smell might bug you but find amazing to do so time flies.

*slimes so that your hair is no longer slimy. If you want to you can rinse it out with shampoo so your hair doesn’t smell. I would prefer not to, because shampoo flooring out moisture, but it’s your hair so do what you want.

* When you are FINALLY over you may comb your hair again and of course dry your hair without a towel so it does not take that moisture. Enjoy the new hair of yours, but make sure you do this monthly so you do not still have fragile hair. Feeding your scalp with moisture is very good particularly in winter the driest month of all.

Other Soft Hair Tips:

* Protect your hair while using heating tools, and try to use them only when totally needed.

* Try looking for shampoo and conditioner with natural/organic ingredient, which will restore your usual and needed oils to your hair.

* Avoid using tools or crop that is harsh or very hot.

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