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Children are susceptible to stress. 13 out of 100 children knowledge some kind of nervousness disorder and many more are just stressed out. Living a balanced life and reducing stress in Children is a challenge for most families. Make sure that you offer your kids the tools they need to maintain emotional balance. Fill your child’s emotional backpack with answers for stress management and relaxation. Children can be active participant in creating their own healthy, calm lives.

Be alert that change, be it positive or negative, creates stress for most kids. Make time to relax and schedule downtime for your children. Do not over-schedule. Show your child how to uphold a positive outlook, stop the babble and lists in their heads, and take their mind off of their worries.

* Use affirmation or positive statement to counteract kids’ stress. Teach your children to take a break and say, “I am peaceful. I am calm. I am relaxed. I am joyful. I am safe.” Write a positive statement and have your kid carry it in their pouch for the day. Put a list in the back of their school notebook for them to access at any time.

* Create visualizations imagine can be both fun and successful. Create a happy consideration that children can go to when stressed or worried. Develop a short story or scene that your child can think have when they are fearful or anxious. Go for a calming ride on a cloud or float in a bubble. Slide down a rainbow and encourage your child to create their own relaxing story. Let them write it down or record it and then let them relax mom or dad with their visualization.

* Practice controlled breathing. Taking slow deep breath can help lower a child’s nervousness and anger. All children can advantage from this important powerful stress and anger management technique. Children with special needs; Autism, ADHD, SPD, PTSD can learn to bring their energy level down a notch and feel in charge of themselves. Children can use breathing when they feel over-stimulated or on a verge of a temper tantrum, have them focus on their breathing and soothe themselves.

* Use progressive muscle recreation to help your child to fall sleeping. Relax your child’s mind and body by effective various muscle groups to relax. Start with your child’s feet and work your way up to their head or overturn the order. After a few tries your child will be able to use this method on their own. “I am going to calm down my legs. I will let go my legs. My legs are relaxed.” For a variation, try active progressive muscular relaxation. Tighten muscle groups and relax.

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