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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wireless webcam Reviews and Features

The camera must be on your home network, and you must have your own website. A Web page must also be set up to display the uploaded video. It always seemed like too much hassle.
Easy to configure, Dropcam has two wireless Web camera models - with or without a microphone. The original Dropcam is video-only, but the Dropcam Echo adds sound and a motion sensor. You can connect the Dropcam to your wired or wireless network and have your webcam broadcasting in just a few minutes after an easy setup. Dropcam is not designed like other Web cameras. It does not record video to be stored on your computer. All video is transmitted to and viewed from the Dropcam website. Here's where it gets interesting. Dropcam can record your video stream for playback like a DVR.
This is specially handy for security-conscious people or small business owners who want to have 24-hour video monitoring of their home or workplace without the hassle of setting up a PC or DVR to make their own recording system.
Of course, you can have as many cameras as you like. If you need to copy any of the recorded video recordings, clips can be downloaded from the website to your computer.
As the camera owner, you control the list of who is acceptable to see the video. You can also embed the video feed into your own website to allow anyone who sees your page to view the live feed.
There are iPhone and Android apps to allow monitoring of your Dropcams from anywhere.
Dropcam can also send alerts to your phone when motion or audio is detected. For instance, a Dropcam can be pointed at your front door to get a notification that your kids made it home from school.
This could be the wonderful solution for nervous parents to keep track of the babysitter or for pet owners to see if Fido is really sleeping on the sofa when they're away.
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