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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Top 10 most searched portable electronics devices

1. iPhone: Now there's an unexpected surprise (yeah, right). That clap-like sound you hear is the symphony of Apple fans applauding and Apple haters smacking their foreheads all at the same time.

2. iPod Touch: The Mini-Me of Apple's "Evil" portable empire. I will now officially change my name and add a small "i" at the beginning as a way to boost my popularity with the ladies.

3. Sony PSP: Nintendo's mighty DS line may have thoroughly outsold Sony's portable darling since they both hit the scene. But while the PSP hasn't won the war, it apparently won the search battle so far this year. I wonder how many of those searches were driven by PSP hackers looking for custom firmware updates.

4. Palm Pre: Talk about a comeback. The former PDA has-been now has one of the more viable alternatives to the iPhone. Even old dogs can learn new tricks after all.

5. Microsoft Zune: Congratulations, Microsoft. Your perseverance has now gained enough mindshare for your portable media player to be the Tubbs to the iPod's Crockett — which certainly is eminently better than being Noogie Lamont (Who? My point exactly). Now if you can only drop your hatred for cash, I will be literally in your debt.

6. BlackBerry Storm: The Storm appears to have rebounded from that launch plagued by interface issues. Either that or plenty of folks kept searching all year for the firmware update that fixed said issues. True story: I was interviewing the president of a local Realtors association for a business story and she mentioned out of the blue that her Storm is much improved now. Just thought you'd like to know.

7. Garmin Nuvi: A search for stuff used for searching makes me chuckle for some reason. Yes, I'm that easily amused.

8. BlackBerry Curve: It's official. People love smartphones. And this isn't even the last phone on this list.

9. Sidekick: What is it with the Sidekick and its penchant for being involved in juicy news (e.g. the Paris Hilton hack and, more recently, the case of the missing user data)? Whatever the reason, it apparently helped the phone crack into the searchable top 10 for portables.

10. Amazon Kindle: eReading is apparently fundamental for searches, too. For more on the Kindle and other readers, check out our eBook reader section.
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