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Friday, April 29, 2011

Nokia Image Viewer SU-2

This is a great product for people who take a lot of photos! The idea is that you take photos then upload then via Bluetooth on to the image viewer before putting them on to a TV or video projector etc… The Bluetooth connection is the brilliant part of this, it means there are no cables and it’s a very neat and tidy device. You use an RCA cord to connect it to a TV or however else you want to output it. It has all the usual presentation settings like buttons to change picture or do it automatically every 4 or 8 seconds. You can also rotate images.

The image viewer is powered either by 4 AAA batteries or a Nokia charger and is compatible with PAL or NTSC; therefore, it can be used all over the world. One of the only downsides is its small memory size. It has a 3MB capacity which is about 65 SMALL pictures. These days with multi mega-pixel cameras photos are much larger so make sure you reduce the sizes before transferring otherwise you will only fit about 10 on it! It is compatible with the Nokia 3650 and 7650 as well as other phones supporting Bluetooth 1.1.
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