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Friday, May 6, 2011

Techcom devises 5.1 channel SSD 7000R multimedia home theatre system

Home theatre systems that embed powerful features for augmented acoustics and occupy less space to render an arranged, sophisticated look are undeniably admired by users. Creating such an exemplary fusion is Techcom who recently announced its latest 5.1 channel SSD 7000R multimedia home theatre system.

The system not only makes a style statement with its solid angular looks, but also ensures convenience through a superior Vacuum Fluorescent Display. Through its built-in digital FM radio and FM tuner, those inclined towards music can indulge in an unrivaled experience.

For rich music, the SSD 7000R comes equipped with Hi-Fi Sound and powerful bass speakers. There’s digital MP3 player as well which delivers crisp and incredible sound quality. Wrapped in an appealing enclosure, the device further has a fully functional remote for simple control.

Users can also play their music from sources ranging from memory cards to USB pen drives. Impressive music is delivered via its 5.25-inches subwoofer and Satellite Speakers measuring 3-inches each.
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