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Monday, May 16, 2011

Samsung Hauzen VC-RE70V Robot Vacuum Cleaner Launched Review

Hectic schedules do not leave us with much time to clean our houses. The fatigue makes us way too lazy for petty chores such as dusting, sweeping and swabbing. That very moment we wish that we owned a robot that would help us in cleaning our houses. It’s true that house helps are also available to do family circle work. But safety aspects shut this option. It would be ideal to buy a robot and relax on our couch.

If you agree with the above mentioned notions, here’s a portable robot cleaner just for you.

Samsung has introduced a new robot vacuum cleaner, named Hauzen VC-RE70V in the Korean market.

As soon as the robot has been given the instruction to work, it starts with it and uses in-built cameras that have the ability to create a map to indicate which part of the room is already cleaned.

The latest robot is seemingly familiar with its charge station. Whenever the low battery alert is indicated and the robot requires recharging, it without human intervention finds the charging station. Later, it will automatically resume back to cleaning from where it last stopped.

Moreover, Hauzen features fifteen sensors, which assist it to prevent itself from obstacles. Wonder if it has any buttons attached to guide it around the house.

The Hauzen VC-RE70V from Samsung will be rolled out in the Korean bazaar anytime this month. However, the robot vacuum cleaners price is still a mystery.
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