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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Synology crafts DS211+ NAS server with new efficient hardware design for SMBs Reviews

When it comes to digital storage options, consumers have loads of choice since the market is flooded with well-organized solutions. The offering enables owners to impeccably share files, centralize backup and defend vital data. The system boasts of delivering an average of 108MB/s reading and 55MB/s writing speeds under RAID 1 configuration in a Windows environment.

The DS211+ sports a new hardware design to render more reliable solutions and quieter working environments. Synology has uncovered its Disk Station DS211+ high-performance two-bay NAS server for SMB users. The newest entrant claims to encompass important hardware upgrades from its predecessor.

 Crafted with an efficient airflow design, the unit comes along with a 92mm low-rotation fan. Fitted with a SD card and USB slot, the device’s front cover material precisely absorbs HDD vibration. Equipped with a 256-bit AES hardware encryption engine, the offering restricts unauthorized access to hard drives and increases read speeds.

The server comes powered by the Disk Station Manager 3.0 operating system and the comprehensive network protocol support ensures effortless cross-platform data sharing and backup. The innovative Synology Time Backup feature enables users to back up various versions of files and easily search to uncover the latest changes.

In addition, the Web Station permits hosting up to 30 websites. The newly unleashed device functions as a mail server, printer server, FTP server and centralized interface to examine the office environment. Besides Windows ACL support, the device offers encrypted file sharing, HTTPS, firewall and IP auto-block support.
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