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With brittle hair and long hair requires extra protection and care with the help of various alternative treatments available in the domestic market today including shampoos; herbal hair loss products; Contemporary treatment etc.

Up to a quarter women worldwide suffer from hair thinning during their lifetime. The dermatologists are searching various natural solutions for curing the hair fall of the scalp with advance technologies and techniques. The common forms of hair loss in woman are the hormonal changes or pregnancy conception and to cure the baldness of the scalp a common drug called as Minoxidil is applied to the head that helps in the re-growth of the head. If a specific woman having a problem of Alopecia of the scalp then dermatologists can recommended her certain special hair lotions that will help her not to shy and be sensitive in the cosmopolitan society.

There are different forms of treatment for woman baldness as: Hair concealer: It is not paint or a cream that makes necessary attempts to cover the entire hair loss region of the scalp or that specific spot. It is a fine texture made up of natural texture substance which binds to form a complete layer of hair lining and protects the delicate hair follicles of the scalp. Sometimes, the concealer also comes along with a sprayer form that can be uniformly sprayed all over the scalp. It takes seconds to apply the entire concealer of the scalp. The drug Organin is physician tested and is indeed! A Non-toxic natural Keratin fiber works wonders to the baldness. Corticoid steroids are the anti-inflammatory drugs which suppresses the immune system.

A female can consume it in a form of a pill; as a local injection or ointment which is topical by nature. The steroid is applied directly to the patches of the hair less spot of the scalp. Anthraline (Psoriatic): It is a tar type of substance to treat the psoriasis as it has the capacity to change the entire immune system that functions the affected skin to cause baldness of the scalp. The positive results due to it emerging thereby are the re-growth of the hair line which is visible within eight to twelve weeks completely.

It can combine to be formed with other alternative therapies as specific medications. The utilization of Minoxidil is to treat the hair follicles of smaller size then growing it to the full potential. In such treatment the usage of drugs shouldn’t stop or else a woman might experience the reverse order difficulties of having baldness to the scalp. Sulfa salazin: This is a sulfa drug to treat autoimmune disorders of the bloodstream that causes unwanted baldness of the female scalp of the head. The Photo chemotherapy requires special sophisticated treatments two to three times in a week but there are myths about this form of drug as it can cause the skin cancer if taken excessively.

Topical sensitizers: emits allergic reactions but should always be applied very carefully to the head scalp as enormous amount of itching and burning sensation can trigger further hair fall of the scalp of the head in females. This part of the drug should always stimulate the delicate hair follicles of the scalp. The result of the treatment is visible only after a prolonged period of time.

The surgical treatments of the female baldness is quiet dangerous and complex in nature as Hair transplantation processing of the hair is to root out the healthy hair from other sections of the head and are directly punch holed at the affected region of the scalp. This helps in the better restoring of the hair follicles of the spot with remarkable results in-hand whereas in scalp reduction technique of baldness treatment there are used certain forms of devices that are directly inserted into the skin so that it can stretch the affected area of the scalp and then flaps of the scalp are removed in and around of the scalp of the head.

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